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Texas is Dyeing!

Why Buy, When You Can Dye?

The fact is that carpets don\'t wear out, they just "UGLY-OUT"!

Now you can benefit from the 25+ years of carpet dyeing experience and advanced technology in Texas.

Millions of yards of carpet have been restored by the Color Your Carpet;® exclusive carpet dyeing and color restoration services throughout the world. Now, Certified Dye Technologists offer this unique service for commercial and residential property owners in Texas. We also Have teams that travel to provide our unique services to many communities until we open locations there locally. Additionally they travel the entire USA to areas not yet serviced by a local dye master. Call for the scheduled route for services in your area. 

On-Site Carpet Dyeing

With more than 16 million luxurious custom colors to choose from, Color Your Carpet® can "pre-cycle" your existing carpet from a Grade E or F into a Grade A appearance with a brand new carpet color. Or, we can match the existing color for fresh new look or we can provide borders or designer patterns turning your unsightly carpet into a work of modern art! 

A fascinating part of our on-site carpet dyeing talent is "design dyeing". Borders, patterns and designs on wall-to-wall carpets as well as custom made designer area rugs are created for unique decorating effects.

Finally, for those unsightly stubborn stains and annoying bleach spots, on solid colors or on multi-color and patterned carpet, they can remove the ugly blemish and re-dye the area to match it to the original carpet color and design perfectly with the rest of the carpet. Yes, even on multi-color or patterned carpets and rugs. 

A carpet dyeing expert\'s only business is DYEING!

  • 1.   All we do is DYE - We\'re Certified Carpet Colorists & Technologists

  • Our expertise is founded in our unique technology. Our training encompasses all facets of the carpet industry, from manufacturing to daily care. We are NOT carpet cleaners, nor do we sell carpet. But we are extremely knowledgeable in all facets of the carpet industry - from fiber production and content to manufacturing and retailing to daily care and carpet consulting. More importantly, we have been extensively trained in the physics and chemistry of carpet and carpet color.
  • 2.  Warranty provided - In writing!

  • Our proprietary dyes and chemicals are one-of-a-kind. We stand behind our service 100% for professional workmanship. We provide you with a complete detailed, service proposal. Actual color samples will be made for you so that you can see the result before you decide. We will be glad to provide you with a demonstration of our expertise at no obligation to you via a carpet sample and Power Point Presentation. (Onsite locally at no charge.)  
  • 3.  Sixteen Million Custom Colors. 

  • Color selection is the toughest decision for our customers since we have so many from which to choose. And, since we can make virtually any color, restoring, matching a color or creating a brand new color is an everyday occurrence in our business. 
  • 4.  Walk on carpet in less than a minute

  • We use a very low-moisture content dyeing system. Our services are very convenient for property owners. Since our special dyes bond with the fibers and existing carpet color, we guarantee our dyes to be colorfast for the life of the carpet. 

    Our dyes won\'t "walk off" or rub off. The dye sets instantly as we apply it so you can walk on the carpet immediately. The carpet will be slightly damp, but ready for use the minute we\'ve finished applying the treatment. And, in the future, carpet can be cleaned by traditional carpet cleaning companies or you can continue to use your home cleaning machine without fear of any problems or color loss. 

  • 5. References      
    We\'re DYEING to show you our expertise!
    (Click this link to view some of the before and after photos of our unique services.) Color Your Carpet® has thousands of commercial and residential references across the USA. Many are posted right on the Internet on our websites. We have served the commercial and residential property market for more than 30 years. We now serve more than 200 markets worldwide.
We\'re DYEING to show you our expertise!

Color Your Carpet ® can restore, protect & preserve the beauty & life of your carpet. Expert carpet dyeing can protect your carpet investment for a fraction of the cost of new carpet. 

Architecturally, carpet color schemes & carpeted floor covering budgets can confidently be planned, scheduled & projected more accurately. Carpet maintenance budgets can be dramatically reduced, air quality can be improved for your property. Your home or business image will be enhanced by your attractive indoor " curb appeal". 

And, you can save 50% to 85% when compared to the cost of carpet replacement. When we dye for you, you don\'t have to live with ugly, old or faded carpet. You\'ll have a brand new look or if you like, a brand new color! In the photographs below, the left picture displays the original carpet color discolored with traffic lanes, fading and unsightly staining. The right picture is the new color - a light tan. All discoloration is gone and a the new color a slight shade from the original carpet color. This tan color is just one of the 16 million custom color choices available from Color Your Carpet®.

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Call us today for an on-site carpet inspection appointment with no obligation. We know after you see the amazing results, you will want us to dye for you. Why buy when you can dye?

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